AU2022 Alternate Fuels and Energy Systems Anna University Question bank, question paper pervious year question paper for Unit 1 unit 2 unit3 unit 4 unit 5,important 2 marks and 16 marks questions

Semester: VI                                                                                      Max. Marks: 50

PART – A      (5 x 2 = 10 marks)

      1. Define alternative fuel.
2. Write short notes of need for alternative fuels.
3. List out the raw materials for manufacture of alcohol fuels
4. What are the disadvantages of LPG fuel?
5. What are the advantages of Ammonia fuel?
6. Draw the chart for briefing about percentage availability of world energy sources
    and their main uses?            
7. Write advantages of electric vehicles.
8. Enumerate the desirable properties of alcohol as engine fuel
9. Brief about emission characteristics of methanol and gasoline blend used in C.I.,

10. What are the advantages of CNG fuel?

11. What are the properties of CNG fuel?
12. What are the advantages of CNG fuel?
13. Explain in brief surface ignition concept.
14. Write the chemical equation for esterification of vegetable oil and explain the                     esterification process
15. What are the problem experienced while using vegetable oil in diesel engine?
16. Explain about storage and handling of hydrogen as engine fuel.
17. What is esterfication of vegetable oils?
18. Brief about bio-fuel and its characteristics
19. Explain the on-board production of Hydrogen.
20. Explain unfavorable proprieties of Vegetable oil.
21. Write the advantages and limitation of Electrical Vehicles.
22. Explain the Electronic Control System used in Electrical Hybird Vehicles.
23. Draw a block diagram for solar powered vehicles.
24. What is fuel cell?
25. Brief about hi-energy and power density battery.

            PART – B
1. Explain the properties of alternative fuels.
2. Explain the various techniques used in alcohol fuel engineers.
      3. Explain the manufacturing of ethanol fuel.
      4. Explain the production of methanol fuel.                                                        
5. Explain the performance of alcohol fuel compare with petrol fuel.
6. Explain the property of any four alternative fuels 
7. Write a detailed account on need, availability properties, merits and demerits of        
         various alternative fuels?   
      8. Draw the black diagram for methanol fuelled I.C engines explain the performance  
          characteristics of methanol fuelled engine. 
9. Explain the manufacturing of ethanol fuel.   
    10. Explain the performance of alcohol fuel compare with petrol fuel
    11. Explain the engine   modification required for using CNG in SI engine
    12. Explain the performance and emission characteristic of engine running on CNG.
    13. Explain the performance and emission characteristic of engine running on LPG.
    14. Explain the products of hydrogen gas and its performance and safety aspect.
    15. Explain the production of hydrogen gas from methanol.
16. Describe the working of Toyota concept electric hybrid vehicle.
17. Describe the working of fuel cell vehicles.
18. Explain the different types of battery used in electrical vehicle.