MR 2111 CHEMISTRY FOR MARINE ENGINEERING first year first semester Anna University Syllabus

4.         MR 2111         CHEMISTRY FOR MARINE ENGINEERING              3  0   0  3

To impart Sound knowledge of Boiler Chemistry and Boiler Water Treatment including basics of nano chemistry


On Completion of the course the Students are expected to

1  Have a thorough knowledge of Boiler Chemistry and Feed Water Treatment methods.

1. WATER TECHNOLOGY                                                                                          9

Water and it’s impurities – Impurities in water – fresh water, sea water, distilled water impurities. Purpose of water treatment in boilers, scale formation and prevention. 

2.  BOILER CHEMISTRY                                                                                             9

Boiler corrosion – fretting, pitting corrosion, corrosion fatigue, atoms and ions, electro chemical corrosion, hydrogen and hydroxyl ions, types and causes of corrosion and it’s control ; chemical and mechanical deareation, methods of chemical deareation, de-zincification, stress corrosion,

3.  BOILER WATER TREATMENT                                                                                         9

Lime and Soda treatment, PH treatment, salinometer, use of litmus paper, test for partial, total alkalinity, chloride, sulphite, phosphate test, caustic soda treatment, condensate lime treatment. De-salination of water, reverse osmosis and electro dialysis, priming, foaming and control, effects of salts and gases in feed water

4. WATER HARDNESS ANALYSIS                                                                                        9

Hardness, units of hardness, estimation of hardness by EDTA method, treatment for hardness, total dissolved solids, dissolved oxygen test, use of coagulants, typical test valves for smoke and water tube boilers.

5. ENERGY SOURCES AND NANOCHEMISTRY                                                                9

 Introduction - Properties (Electrical, Mechancial and  vibration) – carbon  nano tubes  - Applications in  fuel cells, catalysis and use of gold nanoparticles -  batteries – secondary  batteries -   alkaline batteries – lead acid, Ni – Cd and Li batteries, principles and applications of solar cells, fuels cells  - Hydrogen and  methanol.

                                                                                                    TOTAL: 45 PERIODS 


1. Jain.P.C. and Monika Jain, Engineering Chemistry, 4th Edition, Dhanpat Rai &          Sons, New Delhi, 2002.
2.  Milton and Leech , “Marine Boilers ”.Butter Worth Publishers, UK


1. Uppal. M.M., A Text book of Engineering Chemistry, 7th Editions, Khanna      Publishing, 1988.
     Water Treatment by J.D. Skelly Imarest Publication , London.
2. Reed’s General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers by Leslie Jackson      and Thomas D. Morton.

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