Engineering Chemistry - II second semester Anna University Subject Notes Lecturer notes two marks 16 mark question free download

  ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY – II                  

UNIT  I ELECTROCHEMISTRY     Click Here To Download
Electrochemical cells – reversible and irreversible cells – EMF – measurement of  emf – Single electrode potential – Nernst equation  (problem) – reference  electrodes –Standard Hydrogen electrode -Calomel electrode – Ion selective  electrode – glass electrode and measurement of pH – electrochemical series –
significance – potentiometer titrations (redox - Fe² + vs dichromate and  precipitation – Ag+ vs CI-titrations) and conduct metric titrations (acid-base – HCI  vs, NaOH) titrations,

Chemical corrosion – Pilling – Bedworth rule – electrochemical corrosion –  different types – galvanic corrosion – differential aeration corrosion – factors  influencing corrosion – corrosion control – sacrificial anode and impressed  cathodic current methods – corrosion inhibitors – protective coatings – paints –
constituents and functions – metallic coatings – electroplating (Au) and  electroless (Ni) plating.

UNIT III FUELS AND COMBUSTION       Click Here To Download
Calorific value – classification – Coal – proximate and ultimate analysis  metallurgical coke – manufacture by Otto-Hoffmann method – Petroleum  processing and fractions – cracking – catalytic cracking and methods-knocking –  octane number and cetane number – synthetic petrol  – Fischer Tropsch and  Bergius processes – Gaseous fuels- water gas, producer gas, CNG and LPG,  Flue gas analysis – Orsat apparatus – theoretical air for combustion.

UNIT IV PHASE RULE AND ALLOYS       Click Here To Download 

Statement and explanation of terms involved – one component system – water  system – condensed phase rule – construction of phase diagram by thermal  analysis – simple eutectic systems (lead-silver system only) – alloys –  importance, ferrous alloys – nichrome and stainless steel – heat treatment of  steel, non-ferrous alloys – brass and bronze.
Beer-Lambert’s law (problem) – UV-visible spectroscopy and IR spectroscopy –  principles  instrumentation (problem) (block diagram only) – estimation of iron by  colorimetry – flame photometry – principle – instrumentation (block diagram only)– estimation of sodium by flame photometry – atomic absorption spectroscopy –  principles – instrumentation (block diagram only) – estimation of nickel by atomic
absorption spectroscopy.

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