Communication Engineering EC2311 EC 2311 Important 2 two marks For Nov/Dec 2011 Examination

 Communication Engineering EC2311 EC 2311  Important 2 two marks For Nov/Dec 2011 Examination 

EC2311 - Communication Engineering


1.      A broad cast transmitter radiates 20 KW when the modulation percentage is 75. Calculate carrier power and power of each side band
2.      Write the expression for FM modulated signal.
3.      Explain de-emphasis and pre-emphasis in FM
4.      What is super heterodyne receiver?
5.      State the Nyquist rate of sampling
6. Mention the disadvantages of SSB transmission                    

       7.   What is the need for modulation?                                           
       8.  Define AM and FM.                                                
      9.  Define sampling Theorem.                                    
      10.  Sketch the PSK waveform for the bit sequence 1 0 01 0 0 1 1.
       11.  Find the Hamming distance between the following code words C1={1 0 0 0 1 1 1} and C2={0 0 0 1 0 1 1}
      12.  Draw the Polar, unipolar and Mancheater NRZ line code format for an information
     13Define linear block codes
      14. Define the hamming distance and calculate the Hamming distance for two code words 11100 and 11011.
     15. Discuss BSC and BFC with channel diagram.
16. State Shannon’s limits for Information capacity.
17. Why binary ASK is called on-off keying?
  1. Define single mode fiber
19. As related to AM, What is over modulator, under modulator & 100% modulator?
20. Draw the frequency spectrum of VSB. Where it is used.
21. Differentiate between NBFM & WBFM.
22. Draw the block diagram of Armstrong method to generate FM.
23. Describe Mutual information.
24. Write three property of Mutual Information.
25. What are look angles?
26. Define single mode fiber.
27. Write four applications of spread spectrum modulation.
28. Mention two advantages and two disadvantages of FDMA.

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