1.                 What is meant by electrical drive?

2.       Draw the block diagram of an electrical drive system.

3.       Draw the mechanical characteristics of DC series motor.

4.       Define plugging in three phase induction motor.

5.       Why a starter is necessary for a DC motor?

6.       Name the various types of starters commonly used for starting an induction motor.

7.       What is static Ward-Leonard drive?

8.       State the advantages of DC chopper drives.

9.       Mention some of the merits and demerits of AC drives.

10.     What is meant by v/f control?

11.    Explain about OLR coil

12.    Mention different types of three phase motor starters.

13.    Mention the factors affecting the speed of a DC motor.

14.    State the advantages of flux control method.

15.    List the various advantages of DC Chopper.

16.    Bring out the starting current equation and explain how it                               
  Reaches the very high value.

17.    What is the need of NVC in starter?

18.    Draw the general block diagram of starter circuit.

19.    List the various methods of controlling speed of DC shunt

20.    What do you mean by controlled rectifier?


1.       Explain different types of electric drives and its applications to 

2.       What are the different classes of motor duty and explain in detail?

3.       What are the different electrical braking methods used in electrical  
          Drives? Explain any one method applied to DC shunt motor.        

4.       Draw and explain the torque – speed characteristics of three phase          induction motor with necessary equation.

5.       Describe the principle of starting of DC shunt motor using power and
           Control circuit with neat circuit diagram. 

6.       What do you understand by the term soft start? Explain the soft start     
           Method employed for induction motor?

7.       Discuss in brief various conventional methods of speed control of DC motors.

8.       Draw and explain some of the commonly used controlled rectifier circuits for DC drive.         

9.       Explain the method of control of three phase induction motor by

                   (i)      Stator voltage control                                           
                   (ii)     Frequency control                                                         

10.     Explain with neat sketch the static Kramer variable speed drive system used for slip power recovery.

11.    List out the types of starters utilized for three phase squirrel  
          cage induction motor.

12.    What type of starter used in three phase slip ring induction

13.    What is a controlled rectifier and how the concept is
          Implemented in DC choppers and mentions its advantages.

14.     Explain briefly about typical starting control circuits of DC shunt and
          Series motors.

15.     Explain neatly about the types of speed control methods in DC shunt

16.     Draw and explain neatly about the four types of flux control process in
         DC series Motor.

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