Important Questions in Computer Networks CS2302 CS 2302 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR III YEAR CSE and IT Students

Important Questions in Computer Networks CS2302   CS 2302  subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR III YEAR CSE and IT Students
CS2302 - Computer Networks


1.      Explain the various layers present in OSI model and their functions.
2.      Explain in detail the error detections and error corrections
3.      Describe about sliding window protocols in detail.         
4.      Explain  CSMA/CD in detail.            
1.      Explain the operation of medium access control techniques with neat
2.      Explain the frame format of IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.5 in detai
3.      Explain the Concept of spanning tree algorithm with neat diagram.  
1.      Explain the working of Distance Vector Routing  protocol with an example.
2.      Define the following.  i) ARP ii) RARP iii) DHCP iv)multicasting
3.      What is the purpose of subnetting? Explain the various subnet masks.
4.      Explain in detail about IPV6?

1.      With a neat architecture ,Explain TCP in detail.
2.      Explain the concept of three way handshaking with suitable diagrams. 
3.      Explain various congestion control strategies in detail.
4.      Explain the steps involved in computing checksum for an UDP Datagram
1.      Explain in detail about the Domain name services
2.      Explain the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
3.      Explain the following related with  HTTP (i)Messages  (ii)Headers
4.      Discuss about World Wide Web in detail.
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