Important Questions in Data Structures 141301 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY EXAMINATIONS FOR SECOND YEAR THIRD SEMESTER CSE Students

Important Questions in Data Structures 141301 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY EXAMINATIONS FOR SECOND YEAR THIRD SEMESTER CSE Students

141301 - Data Structures

1.   Explain the addition  and deletion operation performed on a circular queue with necessary algorithm
2.   Write an algorithm for push and pop operation on stack using linked list
3.   Explain the complete set of stack operation
4.   Write the insertion and deletion operations singly and doubly linked list


1.   Write an algorirhm for pre-order and postorder traversal of a binary tree.
2.   Describe the algorithm used to perform single and double rotation on AVL tree
3.   Write an ADT binary search tree
4.   Explain heap structures. How are binary heaps implemented? Give its algorithm with example


1.      Discuss in detail the B-tree.What are its advantage.
2.      Define Tree. Explain the tree traversals with algorithms and examples
3.      Describe circular queue implementation in detail giving all the relevant features
4.      Explain the concept of insertion and deletion of elements from a Max Heap. Illustrate with suitable algorithms


1.       Explain separate chaining and extensible hashing.
2.       Formulate an ADT to perform for the union and find operation of disjoint set
3.       Show the result of inserting keys 2,3,5,7,11,13,15,6,4 into an empty extendible hashing data structure with M=3
4.       What is union by height?Write an algorithm to implement it
5.       Explain path compression with an example


1.   What is minimum spanning tree?Explain the algorithm using prim’s and kruskals  with an example.
2.   Write an dijkstra’s algorithm with an example.
3.   Explain DFS and BFS with an example.    
4.   Explain topological sort with an example

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