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Important Questions in EVS Environmental Science & Engineering 185302 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY EXAMINATIONS FOR IIYEAR 3rd semester EEE Students

Important Questions in EVS Environmental Science & Engineering 185302 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY EXAMINATIONS FOR IIYEAR 3rd semester EEE Students

185302 - Environmental Science & Engineering

1.      Discuss the possible solutions to improve the acceptability of dam projects in Indian conditions
2.      Explain the methods to prevent soil erosio
3.  Explain the environmental damage caused by mining activities. Illustrate one case study
      4. Write in detail on the role of an individual in conservation of natural resources.
1.      Discuss the aquatic ecosystem and forest ecosystem.
2.      Explain solid waste management
3.      What is biodiversity? How is it classified? Explain the values of biodiversity.
4.      Explain Bhopal gas tragedy and Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

1.      With a neat sketch explain the flow of energy through the various components of the ecosystem. (Producers, consumers and decomposers
2. Write about effect and control measures of air pollution in detail
3.   What adverse effects can solid wastes cause? How can the solid waste be managed?
4.      Write note on bio-geographical classification of India.    

1.      Write a note on waste land reclamation
2.      What is sustainable development? Explain the measures for it
3.      Describe the various water conservation strategies
4. Write about resettlement and rehabilitation of people.

1.      Explain the role of IT in environment and human health
2. What are the major role of IT in environment and human health?
3.      Write short notes on Human rights
4. Describe the major choices in modern birth control.

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