Important Questions in Operating Systems CS2411 CS 2411 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR IV FINAL YEAR EEE STUDENTS

Important Questions in Mobile Communication IT2402 IT 2402 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR III YEAR IT Students
CS2411 - Operating Systems


1.      Explain the Types of System Calls in detail
2.      Explain how hardware protection can be achieved and discuss in detail the dual mode of operations.
3.      Explain in detail any two operating system structures  
4.      List out the services provided by operating system in detail
5.      Describe the differences among short-term, medium-term, and long-term scheduling.


1.      Explain briefly any four CPU scheduling algorithms with examples
2.      Explain Banker's deadlock-avoidance algorithm with an illustration
3.      Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary semaphores
4.      Define critical section problem and discuss the three requirements that a solution to the critical section problem must satisfy

1.       Discuss the following page replacement algorithms, giving a suitable page reference string (i) LRU (ii) FIFO and (iii) Optimal

2.       Explain the most commonly used techniques for structuring the page table
3.       Explain  the  concept  of  demand  paging.  How  can  demand  paging  be implemented with virtual memory? 
4.       Explain in detail about memory management in linux


1.      Explain the various directory structure in detail
2.      Explain in detail the free space management with neat diagram
3.      Explain various file allocation methods in detail.
4.      what are the directory implementation techniques available ?Explain in detail


1.      Explain  in  detail  various  disk  scheduling  algorithms  with  suitable example
2.      Explain the services provided by a kernel I/O subsystem
3.      Write short notes on the following   (i)  I/O Hardware (ii)  RAID structure

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