Important Questions in Service Oriented Architecture IT2401 IT 2401 subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR IV FINAL YEAR IT Students

Important Questions in Service Oriented Architecture  IT2401  IT 2401  subject for NOV/DEC 2011 ANNA UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS FOR IV FINAL YEAR IT Students

IT2401 Service Oriented Architecture

1.      What are the common principles of service-orientation explain in detail?
2.      Explain in detail about the roots of SOA?
3.      Briefly explain about Anatomy of a service oriented Architecture?  
4.      Discus about SOA Vs Distributed internet Architecture?  
1.      Briefly explain about web Services?  
2.      Explain SOAP with suitable example?  
3.      Briefly explain about Choreography and its types?
4.      Explain in detail about Atomic transactions and its types 

1.      Explain in detail about WSDL language basics and its elements?
2.      What are the elements supported by SOAP Language basics?
3.      Compare WSDL-related XML schema language basics?

4.      List out and explain Entity centric business service design?

1.      Explain in detail about SOA platform basics?
2.      How SOA support in .NET?
3.      What is the way the SOA support in J2EE? Give suitable example

1.      Briefly explain about WS-BPEL language basis with give an example?
2.      Discuss about WS-Security language basis?      
3.      Discuss about WS-Coordination overview?
4.      Explain the following elements a) invoke element b) variable c) Getvariableproperty and getvariabledata  d) identifier and expires element.

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