IT2353 Web Technology Important Questions For Nov/Dec 2011- june 2012 Examinations

 IT2353 Web Technology Important Questions For Nov/Dec 2011-June 2012 Examinations
1.      What is frame? Explain with an example.
2.      Explain with suitable example how to display hyperlink on web browser. Can an image be used as a link?
3.      Explain in detail about the following server with its flow of processing in authentication module for an application.
4.      a)Apache tomcat .
5.      Explain the global functions of Java Script
6.      Write a javascript to display a welcome message using alert whenever a button of html form is pressed.
7.      What are the different levels of CSS style sheets?
8.      What is list property? Explain the ordered and unordered list

9.      Write a servlet program to display a welcome message on the client system
10.  Discuss the four important methods of HTTP servlet class.
11.  Explain the DOM2 Event handling mechanism.
12.  What does JSP scripting component include? Explain with a program.
13.  Give MVC architecture of JSP.Discuss advantage of this architecture.
14.  Write short note on –sessions.
15.  Explain how document manipulation is done with XML Document Object Module.
16.  Compare DTD and XML schema.
17.  Explain various parts of WSDL file with suitable examples.
18.  Explain the storing java objects as files
19.  Write a DHTML script illustrating the form components such as text box , text area, check box, radio buttons, buttons and menu.
20.  Explain the architecture of TCP/IP model.
21.  Explain the various application protocols that are commonly used.
22.  What is the difference between java and JavaScript
23.  What are the methods associated with array object in javascript? Explain each one with an example.
24.  Explain the CSS box model
25.  Write about the installation, configuration, deployment and invoking of server objects of an Apache web server.
26.  What is DOM tree? Draw a DOM tree for some suitable example.
27.  What is multi-tier application? Develop a multi-tier application for library management system
28.  Explain how Java beans can be handled by JSP in session as well as in application scope
29.  Explain the concept of AJAX with suitable example
30.  Discuss briefly the various XML DOM methods
31.  Explain the method of Creating a web service with illustrative example
32.  Explain about the XML Schema