ME2301 THERMAL ENGINEERING 2 marks questions

1.  What is a thermodynamic cycle? 

2.  What is meant by air standard cycle? 

3.. Name the various “gas power cycles". 

4. What are the assumptions made for air standard cycle analysis  

5. Mention the various processes of the Otto cycle. 
6. Mention the various processes of diesel cycle. 

7. Mention the various processes of dual cycle. 

9. Define air standard cycle efficiency.  
10. Define mean effective pressure as applied to gas power cycles. How it is related to indicate power   
      of an I.C engine? 
11. Define the following terms. (i) Compression ratio (ii) Cut off ratio , (iii) .Expansion ratio 

01. Classify IC engine according to cycle of lubrication system and field of application.
        Types of lubrication system
02. List the various components of IC engines. 

03. Name the basic thermodynamic cycles of the two types of internal combustion reciprocating 
04. Mention the important requites of liner material.
05. State the purpose of providing piston in IC engines. 

06. Define the terms as applied to reciprocating I.C. engines "Mean effective pressure" and   
      "Compression ratio".
07. What is meant by highest useful compression ratio? 
08. What are the types of piston rings? 

09. What is the use of connecting rod? 
10. What is the use of flywheel? 
01. What are the various types of nozzles and their functions?
02. Define nozzle efficiency and critical pressure ratio.  


03. Explain the phenomenon of super saturated expansion in steam nozzle. or       What is metastable

04. State the function of fixed blades.
05.  Classify steam turbines. 

06.  How does impulse work? 

07. What is meant by carry over loss? 

08. State the function of moving blades...." 

09. What is the fundamental difference between the operation of impulse and reaction steam turbines?  
10. What are the different methods of governing steam turbines? 

11. How is throttle governing done? 
12. Where nozzle control governing is used? 

13.. Where by - pass governing is more suitable? 

14. What are the different losses in steam turbines? 
01. What is meant by single acting compressor? 

02.What is meant by double acting compressor? 

03. What is meant by single stage compressor? 

04. What is meant hy multistage compressor? 

05. Define isentropic efficiency 

06. Define mean effective pressure. How is it related to in power of an I.C engine. 

07. What is meant by free air delivered? 

08. Explain how flow of air is controlled in a reciprocating compressor? 

09. What factors limit the delivery pressure in reciprocating compressor?

10. Name the methods adopted for increasing isothermal efficiency of reciprocating air compressor. 

11. Why clearance is necessary and what is its effect on the performance of reciprocating compressor? 

12. What is compression ratio? 

13. What is meant by inter cooler? 
01. Name four important properties of a good refrigerant 
02. What is the difference between air conditioning and refrigeration? 

03. What is the function of the throttling valve in vapour compression refrigeration system? 

04. In a vapour compression refrigeration system, where the highest temperature will occur? 

05. The vapour absorption system can use low-grade heat energy in the generator. Is true of false? 

06. Name any four commonly used refrigerants. 

07. Explain unit of Refrigeration. 

08. Why throttle valve is used in place of expansion cylinder for vapour compression refrigerant  

09. What are the effect pf super heat and suhcooling on .the vapour compression cycle?
10. What are the properties of good refrigerant? 

11. How are air-conditioning systems classified? 

12. How does humidity affect human comfort? 

13.. What are the various sources of heat gain of an air-conditioned space? 

14.  What do you mean by the term infiltration in heat load calculations? 

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