Transmission and Distribution Important Questions for Nov/Dec 2011 Anna university examination EE2303 EE 2303 for 3rd III year EEE Students

Transmission and Distribution Important 16 marks Questions for Nov/Dec 2011 Anna university examination EE2303 EE 2303 for 3rd III year EEE Students


1.      Discuss in detail the various equipments used in HVDC converter station.
2.      Draw and explain the structure of Electrical Power Syatems
3.      An overhead line has a span of 336m. The line is supported at water crossing from two towers whose heights are 33.6m and 29m above water level. The weight of conductor is 8.33N/m and tension in is not to exceed 3.34 × 10-4. Find i) Clearance between the lowest point on the conductor and water ii) horizontal distance of this point from the lower support


1.      Discuss the factors which affect corona loss.
2.      Explain Skin effect.
3.      A 220 KV, 50 Hz, 200 Km long three phase line has its conductors on the
corners of a triangle with sides 6 m, 6m and 12 m. The conductor radius
is 1.81 cm. Find the capacitance per phase per km, capacitive reactance
per phase, charging current and total charging Mega volt-amperes.

1.      1.A balanced 3 phase load of 30MW is supplied at 132 kV, 50Hz and 0.85 pf. lagging by means of a transmission line. The series impedance of a single conductor is (20+j52) ohms and the total phase- neutral impedance is 315 ×10-6 siemen. Use nominal T method, determine the A,B,C and D constants of a line. (8)
2.      Write short notes on  Shunt compensation. (8) (Nov 2010)

3.      Define regulation of a transmission line and derive the approximate expression for the regulation of a short transmission line. (8)
4.      A three phase 5 km long transmission line, having resistance of 0.5 Ω / km and inductance of 1.76mH/km is delivering power at 0.8 pf lagging. The receiving end voltage is 32kV. If the supply end voltage is 33 kV, 50 Hz, find line current, regulation and efficiency of the transmission line.

1.       Describe with the neat sketch, the construction of a 3 core belted type cable.
2.       Discuss briefly on the following :
(i) Pin Type insulator. (ii) Suspension Type insulator.
3.      What are different methods to improve string efficiency of an insulator?    


1.      Explain the following substation bus schemes.
i. Main and transfer bus. ii. Double bus-bar with bypass isolators.
2.       Explain neutral grounding.
3.      Explain the need for power system earthing

Note: Please Note That These are only important questions from each units may or may not be ask for university exams - Thanks Admin 

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