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Anna University Examination May/June 2012
Important Questions
Common To
Tirunelveli, Madurai, Coimbatore, Tirchy All Over Tamilnadu engineering colleges

Unit I
      1.Explain in Detail about modern steam power plant with neat diagram
      2.With suitable block diagram. explain in detail the coal handling system
      3.How are cooling towers classified? Explain them in detail
      4.Describe the different types of over stokers and discuss the advantages   and disadvantages

Unit II
     1.Explain with a neat sketch a pumped storage power plant
     2.What is the function of a hydraulic turbine? How are the turbines classified?              Explain anyone with a Neat diagram
    3.What are the factors to be considered for selection of turbines in hydro power plant
    4. explain the working principle of La Mont boiler with neat diagram

Unit III
      1. Describe the boiling water reactor with neat diagram
      2. Explain in detail about the nuclear reactor. Describe briefly the functions of the nuclear reactor with neat diagram
      3. What is chain reaction? How it is controlled? Explain with neat sketch a boiling water reactor.

     4. With the neat sketch explain the working of a fast breeder reactor power plant

Unit IV
     1. Explain with diagram the layout the working of a diesel power plant.
     2. What are methods to improve the efficiency of a gas turbine power plant?                 Explain any one method with neat sketch and also draw the p-V and T-s diagram
    3.A gas turbine working on  a theoretical air cycle draws  the air at 1bar and 25oC. The maximum pressure and temperature is 3bar and 650oC respectively. Calculate per kg of air (i) air standard efficiency (ii) heat supplied to air, (iii)work input (iv)heat rejected in the cooler, and (v)exhaust temperature
    4. Discuss briefly the methods employed for improvement of thermal efficiency of open gas turbine power plant.

Unit V
    1.Describe open cycle MHD system with suitable diagram
    2. Explain the working principle of OTEC.
    3. Explain with a neat diagram of wind electric generating power plant.
    4.Explain the construction and working of Geo thermal power plant.


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