Thursday, August 2, 2012


After the Reexamination on 31.07.2012 , Anna University,Chennai Officials are in the process of EC2151 ECED paper correction for II Sem,ECE,CSE,IT,BME Departments. the paper valuations is already planned to be happen on 2nd and 3rd August 2012

Today ECED Paper valuation has nearly 70% progressed in various valuation centers in Tamilnadu and same will be completed tomorrow 


Aarthi Krishna(Some College): actually 11 b(ii) was out of syllabus! it s from circuit theory! we don't have such questions and ourcollg mam didn't taught that kind of a sum! even 12 b(ii) was also from circuit theory! but we have oly edc! so both questions should be given full marks or atleast grace marks!

Hari Krishna Converita (SSN College)the 11 (a) ii.... Actually the diagram given also hand drawn....The current source(5A) is shorted or jumped over is not clear there......If it is shorted. The problem is not even worth for 5 marks..It will just be completed in 5 lines...Only if jumped off it was totally worth for 10 marks... and question 12(b)(ii) Its not in our syllabi.

Hari Venkateswaran  (St. Joseph's College of Engineering)hey 12b(ii) was our syllabus oly!!!!

The Bad news for all CSE,ECE,IT & BME BE/B.TECH students is that there is no grace or out of syllabus has been marked during paper valuation. Hope may/june 2012 results for all first,second,third,fourth year will be announced by 7th or 8th August 2012 Hope Good results For ECED subject

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  1. wat about THIRD year IT paper evaluation for anna university TRICHY


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