Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Unit I-V
These are only important Questions it may or may not be asked for UE

1.       With a neat block diagram explain the integration of different avionics system
2.      Describe the various illities’ in Avionics systems
3.       Explain the need of avionics in Civil and military aircrafts.
4.      Explain the various layers of Avionics systems used in a typical airplane with a neat sketch.
5.      With a neat sketch explain 8085 microprocessor architecture in detail
6.      Explain the ARINC 429 and ARINC 629 data bus in detail.
7.       Explain the interference of seven segment LED with the microprocessor to display a binary data
8.      Compare the memory mapped I/O and peripheral mapped I/O in Microprocessor
9.      Draw the functional representation of ROM memory cell and explain the concept underlying the ROM
10.   Explain MIL STD 1553 B data bus in detail bring out clearly the bus architecture, protocol, word ad message formats and coupling methods
11.   List the evolution of avionics architecture starting from first generation to fourth generation
12.   Compare and contrast the display technologies CRT,LED,LCD,EL and plasma panel
13.   What are the various types of CRTs used in civil and military aircraft and explain them in detail.
14.   Explain MFKs, HMD, HUD and HDD in detail.
15.   Describe voice recognition & speech synthesis technology.
16.   What is GPS and explain the working of it with codes of communication used for locating the object
17.   What is FBW explain its salient features with the block diagram in comparison with the conventional flight control system
18.   What is Dead reckoning navigation system and explain any one type in detail
19.   Explain one of the most modern reliable communication systems used in aircraft with a block schematic