Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions in EE2201 Measurement and Instrumentation

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE 2201- Measurement and Instrumentation
Unit I-V
1.     Give methods of using any three standard inputs being used for analyzing the dynamic response of system with neat sketches
2.     Discuss in detail various types errors associated in measurement and how these errors can be minimized?
3.     Draw the block diagram of functional elements of an instrumentation system and explain the function of each block
4.     Define and explain the static characteristics of an instrument
5.     Explain the construction and derive the torque equation for an electro dynamometer type instruments
6.     Explain the construction and working of electrodynamometer type instruments, derive its torque equation
7.      Describe the construction and functioning of mechanical type (vibrating type) frequency meter
8.     Explain the different methods of determination of B –H curve
9.     Explain different types of A.C potentiometer in detail
10.Discuss about the various grounding techniques
11. Explain the Two types of Kelvin’s Bridge with advantages and applications
12.Discuss the effects of electro static and electromagnetic interference in instruments
13. With neat block diagram explain the working of digital storage oscilloscope.
14.Describe the basic components of CRT
15. With a neat block diagram explain the working principle of a digital CRO
16.Briefly discuss the use of LED and LCD as display devices in instrumentation. Comment on their relative merits and demerits
17. What is data acquisition system? Give the block diagram arrangement of a data acquisition system and describe the function of each component
18.Explain any four active transducers in detail
19.Explain any two types of D/A converter.