Ce 2204 Surveying I Important Questions Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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Ce 2204 Surveying I
Common To III Sem Civil
Unit I-V
1.     Illustrate with neat sketches, various types of obstacles encountered in chain surveying.
            2.     Explain the method of reciprocal and direct  ranging in detail.
3.     What are the equipments used to measure right angle in the chain surveying?
4.     . List the different types of errors in survey measurement and state their significance
             5.     Explain the of plane table surveying in detail and steps involved in setting up of a Plane Table.
6.     What are the precautions to be adopted in using the Compass?
7.      Explain radiation and intersection.
8.     Explain Bessel’s method and two point problem with diagram
9.     Enlist and explain the types of errors in leveling.
10.Write about the Prismoidal Correction to be applied to volume computation
11. Enlist the classification of levelling and explain each of them in detail
12.What are the uses of contours? Discuss in detail
13. Describe in detail about temporary and permanent adjustment in a theodolite
14.State and explain omitted measurements in theodolite surveying
15. Enumereate the different parts of a vernier theodolite and explain their function
16.Briefly explain ‘reverse curves’ and ‘shift of a transition curve’
17. Enumerate the classification of curves in Engineering surveys
18.Explain the setting out of a simple curve by two theodolite method.
19.Explain  the setting  out of a simple  curve  by the  Rankines  method  of tangential angle
            20. Two straight AB and BC intersect at a chainage of 4242.0 m. The angle of intersection is 140°. It is required to set out a 5° simple circular curve to connect the straights. Calculate all the data necessary to set out the curve by the method of offsets from the chord produced with an interval of 30 m