Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice CE2203 Anna Univ Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice CE2203
Unit I-V
1.     Write the step by step procedure for BIS mix design.
2.     What are the different types of curing of concrete explain detailed?
3.     What is mix design? Explain the ACI method of mix design.
4.     Explain the manufacturing of cement with neat sketches and flow chart?
5.     Explain the various types of flooring with neat sketches
6.     Explain the various types of stone masonry with neat sketches.
7.      Write notes on acoustic of the building?
8.     Make a comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry?
9.     Write notes on Dewatering and stand by plant equipment for underground open excavation?
10.Write the operation procedure for caissons.
11. Explain the various types of sheet piles?
12.Explain in detail about the structure of heavy equipment’s  and conveyers
13. Write detailed notes on erecting light weight components on tall structure?
14.Explain the types of bridge decks with sketch?
15. Explain in detail about different types of  cranes in detail
16.Explain the pile driving in detail
17. Explain the equipment used for tunnelling
18.Explain in detail about different compactors in detail
19.Explain different methods of dredging techniques with diagram