CS2301/ Software Engineering Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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CS2301/ Software Engineering
Unit I-V

1.      Explain the following: (i) waterfall model (ii) Spiral model (iii) RAD model (iv) Prototyping model
2.      Elaborate on Business Process Engineering and Product Engineering
3.      Explain the linear software life cycle model with neat diagram
4.      Explain in detail about system engineering hierarchy in detail with neat diagram
5.      Explain with example diagram the functional and behavioral modeling. How do we model the software’s reaction to some external event?
6.     Explain the requirement engineering tasks in detail with neat diagram?
7.      What is prototyping? Explain how the prototyping is used for requirements validation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of prototyping?
8.     Explain in detail the various steps applied to develop complete and accurate models using structured analysis
9.     Explain the core activities involved in user interface design process with necessary block diagram
10.  What are the different classification of architectural styles with respect to software and discuss each style in detail
11.  What are the characteristics of good design? Describe different types of coupling and cohesion. How design evaluation is performed?
12.  Explain the design steps of Transform mapping and transaction mapping?(
13.  Explain about System testing and boundary value analysis testing ?
14.   Explain the integration testing. What are the steps for top-down integration and bottom-up integration? Compare and contrast top-down and bottom-up integration testing?
15.  Describe the testing objectives and principles?
16. What is the necessity of unit testing? Write down all unit test considerations?
17.  Explain the CASE repository function in detail?
18. Explain COCOMO Model?
19. What is the need for software maintenance and maintenance report?
20.  Explain the various method encountered in cost estimation?