CS2401 Computer Graphics Nov/Dec 2012 Anna University,Chennai important Questions Version-3

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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CS2401 – Computer Graphics
Common To VII Sem IT/CSE
Unit I-V

1.      Explain the basic concept of Midpoint ellipse algorithm. Derive the decision parameter  for the algorithm and write down the algorithm steps
2.     Explain in detail about the Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm with example.
3.      Elaborate in detail about cohen-sutherland’s line clipping algorithm.
4.     Explain in detail about the Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm.
5.      Explain in detail about 3D basic transformation and 3D object representations
6.     Discuss in detail about the various visible surface detection methods
7.      Explain 3D viewing with an example.
8.     Explain RGB, CMY, YIQ and HSV color models
9.     What is OPENGL? What are the commands to represent various primitives in OPENGL?
10. Discuss about the methods for drawing  3D objects and scenes
11.  What is shading? Explain the various shading models in detail
12. Explain in detail How do you create shaded objects and draw shadows
13.  Discuss in detail about the various mapping
14. Explain in detail about (i) Peano Curves (ii).Mnadelbrot sets.(iii).Random fractals (iv) Julia  sets.
15.  Explain in detail about reflection, transparency, Ray tracing?