EC2314 Digital Signal Processing Important Questions For Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EC2314 - Digital Signal Processing
Unit I-V
1.       Explain in detail about analog to digital conversion with suitable block diagram and explain
the sampling  theorem
2.      Describe in detail the process of sampling and quantization. Also determine the expression for Quantization step
3.       Check for the following systems are linear, causal, time invariant, stable, static
(i)                y(n) = sin(x(n))
(ii)              Y (n)= x(n)+n x(n+1)
(iii)            y(n) = x(n) cos(x(n))
(iv)            y(n) = x(n) + nx(n+2)
4.      Check whether the following are energy or power signals
X( n) =(1/2)n  u(n)
X (n) =A e jωon
5.      Explain the properties of Z- Transform
6.      Find the impulse response(see Problems)
7.       Test the stability of given systems(see Problems)
8.      Find the convolution(see problems)
9.      Determine DFT of the sequence(see problems)
10.   From the first principles obtain the signal flow graph for computing 8-point DFT using radix2 Decimation in frequency FFT algorithm
11.   Determine the response of LTI system  when the input sequence
          x(n)={-1,1,2,1,-1}  using radix2 DIF FFT. The impulse response is h (n) = {-1, 1,-1, 1}
12.   Realize the following using cascade and parallel forms
      H (z) =    3+3.6Z-1+0.6Z-2
13.           Using Hanning window, design a filter(see problem)
14.           Using Rectangular window, design a filter(see problem)
15.           Discuss in detail about invariant method and Bilinear Transformation method
16.           Explain in detail the architectural features of a DSP Processor TMS320C54
17.            With a neat diagram explain Von- Neumann architecture.         
18.           Explain the addressing formats and functional units of a DSP processor