EC2401/Wireless Communication Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EC2401 – Wireless Communication
Unit I-V

1.       Define Multiple Access. Explain the types of MA techniques used in Wireless communication system
2.   Explain in detail about the types and requirements of services used in
     wireless systems
3.       Explain in detail about noise and interference limited system
4.   Explain how frequency reusing is achieved in cellular systems and also explain the various methods for improving the capacity of a cellular system
5.   Explain the various propagation mechanisms adopted in wireless   communication channels
6.   Explain in detail about the channel classification adopted in wireless propagation channels
7.    What are wide band models, explain the significance of each model
8.   Describe any two methods of diffraction by multiple screens and explain in detail about free space path loss and derive the gain expression
9.      Explain the structure of a wireless communication link with a neat block diagram.
10.   Bring out the salient features of the GMSK modulation scheme. Explain the
GMSK transmitter and receiver implementation with suitable diagram.
11.Explain the principle, operation, signals, constellation diagram, transmitter and receiver of MSK system.
12.   Explain the generation, detection, signal space diagram, bit error probability and
power spectra of QPSK
13.Explain the principle of diversity and explain the different diversity techniques
14.   Explain the following codes in detail. (i) block code. (ii)  convolutional code. (iii) turbo codes
15.   Explain the linear and non linear equalizers along with the differences
16.   Explain in detail about the stochastic models for speech
17.   Explain  Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) and compare its performance with TDMA
18.   Discuss the features and services of GSM and Explain the GSM system architecture  with neat sketch
19.   Explain OFDM concept in detail and also explain the implementation of transceivers in OFDM system
20.  Explain forward & reverse channel parameters of IS-95 CDMA.