Monday, November 19, 2012

EE2202/ Electromagnetic Theory Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions Version - 3

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2202/ Electromagnetic Theory
Unit I-V

1.     Prove that divergence of a curl of a vector is zero ,using stoke’s theorem
2.     State and prove divergence theorem
3.     Using Divergence theorem see problems
4.     Explain three co-ordinate system.
5.     State and Prove Gauss law
6.     Find the electric field intensity and density for coaxial cable using gauss’s law
7.      Derive the expression for Magnetic vector potential
8.     Derive the expression for energy density in electrostatic field
9.     Using the concept of magnetic vector potential, derive Biot-Savart’s law
10.Derive the expression for energy density in a magnetic field
11. Derive an expression for the force between two any straight parallel current carrying conductors
12.Derive the expression for coefficient of coupling in terms of mutual and self inductances of the coils.
13. State and explain amperes law.
14.derive the Maxwell’s equations in differential and integral forms
15. A parallel plate capacitor has an electrode area of 0.02m2. the Plates are separated by a distance of 0.06mm. A voltage of 250 sin250t is applied across the plates. Calculate its displacement current density. Assume a dielectric with relative permittivity of 10.
16.By means of simple RLC series circuit, explain the relationship between the field theory and circuit theory. Also explain the limitations of circuit theory.
17. Derive the electromagnetic wave equation in phasor form.
18.Explain the reflection of plane waves by a perfect dielectric
19.Derive suitable relations for integral and point forms of poynting theorem.
20.            Explain poynting vector and power flow in electromagnetic fields