EE2203 Electronic Devices and Circuits Important Questions for Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2203 - Electronic Devices and Circuits
Unit I-V
1.     explain the working of a PN junction forward bias and reverse bias in detail
2.     Draw its VI characteristics and explain the operation of zener diode and define zener breakdown.
3.     Define regulator. Explain the operation of any one type of regulator
4.     With a neat sketch, explain the operation of CLC filter
5.     Explain how the hybrid parameters hfe , hoe, hie, hre can be determined from the CE characteristics of a transistor
6.     Draw the input and output characteristics of N-P-N transistor in common base configuration and explain it. How the different hybrid parameters are found out from the above characteristics
7.      Draw and explain input and output characteristics of common emitter configuration of a transistor
8.     Write short note on voltage gain and current gain expressions for CB configuration using transistor hybrid model
9.     Explain in detail about the construction and operation of JFET.
10.Explain the working principle and characteristics of Depletion N-MOSFET under depletion mode and enhancement mode in detail
11. Write short note on FET as Voltage Variable resistor
12.explain the operation of Colpitts oscillator with neat diagram
13. Draw the circuit diagram of a phase shift oscillator using BJT. Derive the expression for its frequency of oscillation. Determine the minimum hfe for the transistor
14.Briefly discuss the effect of negative feedback on band width and stability of an amplifier
15. explain the operation of Schmitt trigger using two transistor for a sinusoidal input with circuit diagram and waveform
16.Explain in detail about collector coupled astable multivibrator and its operation with relevant operation.
17. Explain the operation of UJT saw tooth oscillator
18.Explain how RC circuits are used as integrator and differentiator. Sketch the output waveform for the square input