EE2302 Electrical Machines- II Important Questions for Nov/Dec 2012 Anna University Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE 2302/ Electrical Machines- II
Unit I-V
1.     Derive the emf equation of an alternator. Explain pitch factor and distribution factor
2.     With a neat diagram explain the parallel operation of alternators by any one method.
3.     Discuss the parallel operation of two alternators with identical speed/load characteristics
4.     Explain the operating principle of three phase alternator
5.     Draw the equivalent circuit and phasor diagram of a synchronous motor
6.     Discuss the methods of starting and procedure for starting synchronous motor
7.      Explain the effect of excitation on armature current and power factor of synchronous motor and thereby obtain ‘V’ curves and inverted ‘V’ curves
8.     Develop the circuit model of 3-phase induction motor. Represent the approximate
model and state its significance
9.     Derive the expressions for torque and the conditon for maximum torque of an
induction motor
10.Explain in detail about double cage rotor induction motors
11. Explain the various schemes of starting squirrel cage induction motors
12.Explain the working of auto-transformer and star-delta starters with diagrams
13. Explain the cascade control of two induction motor.
14.Explain the speed control of three phase induction motor by pole changing.
15. Explain the principle and operation of AC series motor
16.Explain the principle and operation of reluctance motor
17. Explain the principle of operation and constructional details of linear induction motor.
18.Explain with suitable diagram the working principle of split phase and capacitor start induction motor