Sunday, November 18, 2012

EE2303/ Transmission and Distribution Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Exam Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2303/ Transmission and Distribution
Common To V Sem EEE
Unit I-V
1.     Draw and explain the structure of Electrical Power Systems
2.     Discuss in detail the various equipment’s used in HVDC converter station
3.     What are the various types of HVDC links?
4.     An overhead line has a span of 336m. The line is supported at water crossing from two towers whose heights are 33.6m and 29m above water level. The weight of conductor is 8.33N/m and tension in is not to exceed 3.34 × 10-4. Find i) Clearance between the lowest point on the conductor and water ii) horizontal distance of this point from the lower support
5.     Explain why EHV transmission is preferred? What are the problems involved in EHV AC transmission?
6.     Explain the various factors affecting the corona loss
7.      A single phase transmission line has two parallel conductors 3m apart, the radius of each conductor being 1cm. Calculate the loop inductance per km length of the line if the material of the conductor is i) copper and 2) Steel with relative permeability of 100
8.     Derive the expression for inductance of a three phase line with unsymmetrical Spacing
9.     Explain (i) Skin and Proximity effect (ii) GMR and GMD
10.A three phase 5 km long transmission line, having resistance of 0.5 Ω / km and
inductance of 1.76mH/km is delivering power at 0.8 pf lagging. The receiving end voltage is 32kV. If the supply end voltage is 33 kV, 50 Hz, find line current, regulation and efficiency of the transmission line
11. Write short notes on Shunt compensation
12.What is a nominal π circuit? Find the ABCD constants for nominal π
13. Discuss briefly about (i) Pin type insulator (ii) Suspension type insulator
14.Describe with the neat sketch, the construction of a 3 core belted type cable.
15. What are different methods to improve string efficiency of an insulator?    
16.A single core cable of conductor diameter 2cm and lead sheath of diameter 5.3 cm is to be used on a 66kv, 3 phase system. Two layer sheath of diameter 3.1cm and 4.2 cm are introduced between the core and lead sheath. If the maximum stress in the layer is same, find the voltages in the inter sheath
17. Explain the various types of grounding systems
18.Explain the need for power system earthing
19.Explain any two substation bus schemes in detail
20.                  Explain briefly about the various types of bus bar arrangements in a substation.