Sunday, November 11, 2012

EE2401/Power System Operation and Control Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions - Anna University,Chennai ,version -3

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2401/Power System Operation and Control
Unit I-V

1.       Explain the overview of power system control using neat block diagram.
2.      A generator station supplies the following loads connected to it
Industries                                          92MW
Domestic lighting load             8MW
Domestic power load                                9MW
Commercial load                          11MW
The maximum demand on the station is 90MW.Calculate the load factor and diversity factor if the total numbers of units generated in a year are 3×10
3.       Explain in detail on plant level control.
4.      Explain in detail on System level control and various load scheduling and its types
5.      Explain in detail about two area load frequency control system and explain the uncontrolled static analysis and Draw the block diagram
6.      Explain the static and dynamic response of single area system
7.       What are the components of speed governor system of an alternator? Derive its transfer function with an aid of a block diagram
8.      Illustrate the block diagram model of two area LFC system and obtain its static response.
9.      Explain static and dynamic analysis of AVR and explain stability compensation.
10.   With neat sketch explain the block diagram model of exciter system
11.   Discuss in detail about the generation and absorption of reactive power
12.   Derive the relation between voltage, power and reactive power at a node for applications in a power system control
13.   What is unit commitment problem? Discuss its constraints
14.   Explain the priority list method using suitable numerical example
15.   Explain in detail about forward dynamic programming method with suitable diagram
16.   Look into problem related to finding the optimal dispatch (UNIT IV)
17.   Explain the various states of the system and control actions to be taken to make the system secure. Draw the power system state transition diagram with neat sketch
18.   With a neat block diagram explain SCADA and Security analysis and control in detail
19.   Briefly discuss the various functions of energy control centre
20.  Explain the operating states of a power system in the security perspective with an example