EE2403 Special Electrical Machines Important questions nov/dec 2012 anna university,chennai

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2403 Special Electrical Machines
Unit I-V
1.     Derive the expression for open circuit emf of a synchronous reluctance motor
2.     Explain the phasor diagram and characteristics of synchronous reluctance motor
3.     Describe the constructional details and working principal of synchronous reluctance motor. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of this motor
4.     Draw and explain the phasor diagram of synchronous reluctance motor and derive the torque equation
5.     Explain working principle of Hybrid Motor
6.     Draw and explain the dynamic characteristics of stepping motors
7.      Explain the construction features and principle operations of variable reluctance stepping motor
8.     Describe the operation of a VR type stepper motor. Also explain about micro stepping
9.     Describe the hysteresis type and PWM type current regulator for 1 phase of a switched reluctance motor with relevant circuit diagrams
10.With neat diagram explain the microprocessor based control of switched reluctance motor
11. Explain with neat diagram the constructional details and working principle of switched reluctance motor
12.Draw and explain four converter topologies for a 3ph SRM. Write the merits and demerits of each.
13. Explain the commutation process for 180 degree magnet arc and 120 degree phase current of 3ph PMBL DC motor.
14.Explain the operation of power controller of PMBL DC motor.
15. Compare the BL DC motor and conventional DC motor
16.Derive the emf and torque equation of PMSM
17. Explain the principle and working of PMSM in detail
18.Explain the phasor diagram of PMSM