Important Questions In EE2301 Power Electronics For Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2301 - Power Electronics
Unit I-V
1.     Explain the operation of the SCR with diagram. Explain its characteristics
2.     Give short notes on (i) snubber circuit for BJT and (ii) commutation circuit for SCR
3.      Discuss the transfer, output and switching characteristics of MOSFET
4.     Explain the switching characteristics of IGBT with neat circuit diagram and waveforms
5.     Explain the working principle of a single phase full wave controlled converter with RL load with diagrams
6.     Explain the operation of buck-boost regulator with different modes of operation and derive the design value of capacitor and inductor
7.      Explain the principle of operation of dual converter with neat power circuit diagram
8.     A single phase semi-converter is operated from a 120V, 50Hz ac supply. The load current with an average value of IDC is continuous and ripple free. Firing angle is given by a=p/6. Determine (i) Displacement factor (ii) Harmonic factor of input current (iii) Input power factor
9.     Explain the operation of boost and buck-boost converter with neat circuit diagram and waveforms
10.Explain the various modes of operation of boost converter with neat circuit diagram and waveforms.
11. Discuss the function of three phase voltage source inverter supplying a balanced star connected load in 180 degree mode of operation
12.Draw the circuit of boost regulator and explain its working principle with necessary waveforms.
13. Describe the working of a single phase full bridge inverter with relevant circuit and waveforms
14.What is PWM? List the various PWM techniques and explain
15. Explain the operation SMPS with circuit diagram
16.Describe the principle of 1 phase to 1 phase step down cyclo-converter with neat sketches and waveforms
17. Explain two stage sequence control of  AC voltage controller with R load
18.Explain the operation of multi-stage sequence control of AC voltage controllers
19.Describe the 3 phase to 3 phase cyclo-converters using 18 thyristors. Also derive the expression for fundamental RMS value of per phase output voltage for a low frequency m-pulse cyclo-converter
20.                        Explain the operation of single phase full wave AC voltage regulator with circuit diagrams and waveforms