Important Questions in ME2402 Mechatronics For Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
ME2402- Mechatronics
Unit I-V
1.     What is closed loop system? Explain the various elements of closed
loop system with a cooling system
2.     Explain Hall Effect sensor with an application
3.     Explain the Venturimeter with a neat sketch
4.     Write a detailed note on pressure measuring system& pressure measuring transducer
5.     With neat sketch explain the different types of stepper motor
6.     Explain shut off valve and pressure reducing valve with neat sketch
7.      Explain the selection of bearings with a curve
8.     Discuss about the following actuation system?
a.     Self- exited wound field shunt configuration dc motor
b.     Self- exited wound field series configuration dc motor.
c.      Induction motor.
9.     Explain SCR and the ways to turn an SCR?
10.Derive the differential equation for the rotational - translational
system with a neat diagram.
11. What are the types of adaptive controller? Explain them in detail
     12. Explain the features of proportional controller?
a.     PI controller
b.     PID controller
13. Sketch the basic architecture of a PLC and explain the function of each element?
14.Explain the following with ladder program (a) Sequencing (b) Master and Jump control (c) Timers (d) Counters
15. What are the logic functions used for switches in series and in parallel?
16.Explain the steps involved in designing a mechatronics system.
17. With neat sketch explain the working principle of automatic car park
18.Draw the block diagram for automatic camera
19.What are the various stages in designing a mechatronics system- Explain
20Discuss the design aspects of a pick and place robot in terms of the various mechatronics system involved