IT2042 Information Security Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions - AU,Chennai - Regulation 2008

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
IT2042 - Information Security
Unit I-V

1.     Explain in detail about software development life cycle process
2.     What is SDLC? Illustrate the security of SDLC
3.     Explain in detail about components of information system.
4.     Discuss in detail NSTISSC security model
5.     Discuss in detail the Legal , Ethical and Professionalism issues during security investigation
6.     Explain in detail the different types of cryptanalytic attacks.
7.      Explain in detail about different type of threats
8.     Explain in detail about legal issues during security investigation?
9.     Explain in detail about Risk Control strategy
10.What is risk Management?. State the methods of identifying and assessing risk management
11. Explain in detail about Risk Control Cycle
12.Explain in detail about Risk handling decision points
13. Explain in detail Cost Benefit Analysis and Exposure Factor
14.List the styles of architecture security models .Discuss them in detail
15. Briefly explain the NIST SECURITY MODEL
16.Explain in detail about designing of security architecture
17. Explain in detail about planning for continuity.
18.Explain in detail about IDS and its types.
19.Write short notes on scanning and analysis tools used during design
20.           Write notes on the control devices used in security design
21.What is cryptography ?.Discuss the authentication models used in cryptography.
22.           What is intrusion detection system ?.Explain its types in detail.