IT2401/Service Oriented Architecture Important Questions For Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
IT2401. Service Oriented Architecture
Unit I-V
1.     What are the common principles of service-orientation explain in detail?
2.     Discus about SOA Vs Distributed internet Architecture?
3.     Explain the following terms: i) Service contract ii) Service composability iii) Service discoverability iv) Service autonomy?
4.     Discuss about anatomy of a service-oriented architecture?
5.     Discuss about three service layers in detail.
6.     Briefly explain about Choreography and its types?
7.      Explain in detail about Atomic transactions and its types 
8.     Briefly discuss about Service layer abstraction and application service layer?
9.     Explain in detail about WSDL language basics and its elements?
10.What are the elements supported by SOAP Language basics?      
11. Compare WSDL-related XML schema language basics?
12.Explain in detail about SOA platform basics?
13. What is the way the SOA support in J2EE and .NET Give suitable example
14.Briefly explain about WS-BPEL language basis with give an example?
15. Discuss about WS-Security language basis?
16.Discuss in detail about WS – Policy