Monday, November 26, 2012

ME2205/ Electric Drives and Control Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions Anna University,Chennai

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
ME2205/ Electric Drives and Control
Unit I-V
1.     Derive the expression for a thermal model of motor for heating and cooling. Also draw the heating and cooling curve
2.     What are the different classes of motor duty and explain in detail
3.     Explain in detail about the various types of electric drives
4.     Explain the method of estimating equivalent continuous power rating of a motor for short time load applications
5.     Explain  various  methods  of  braking  of  DC  Shunt  Motors  with  neat diagrams. Compare their relative merits and demerits
6.     Explain Plugging and Regenerative braking in three phase induction motors
7.      Explain the Speed Torque characteristics of dc shunt (separately excited) and series motor with neat diagram
8.     Explain the Speed-Torque characteristics of three phase induction motor with neat diagrams
9.     Discuss the various methods of starting of induction motors and compare the relative merits and demerits
10.With a neat diagram explain 4 point starter
11. Explain the soft start method employed for dc shunt motor
12.Derive the expression for the ratio of starting to full load torque for direct on line switching of an induction motor
13. Discusthe Ward-Leonard speed control system with a neat circuit diagram. Also mention its advantages and disadvantages
14.Draw and explain the four quadrant speed control of DC motor using various choppers
15. Describe the operation of a two quadrant type A chopper fed separately excited dc motor drive
16.With the block diagram explain the operation of armature and field control of dc motors using controlled rectifiers
17. Explain the different flux control methods adopted for dc series motor
18.Explain the static Kramer method and static scherbius method of speed control of three phase induction motor.
19.Explain in detail rotor resistance method of speed control of a slip ring induction motor. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
20.           Explain the V/f control method of AC drive with neat sketches
21.With a simple block diagram explain the operation of a variable voltage variable frequency three phase induction motor drive