Answer All Questions: (10X2 = 20 Marks)
1. Define the Law of Supply.
2. What is the significance of Elasticity of Supply?
3. List out the Objectives of a firm.
4. Mention any four areas of Managerial Economics.
5. How do you estimate the cost of production?
6. What is ISO-QUANT?
7. What is Oligopoly Market?
8. What is meant by Cash from Operations?
9. What are the limitations of Capital Budgeting?
10. What are the types of Financial Ratios?
11. . List the factors influencing managerial decision.
i) Economic factors ii) Technological factors
iii) Environmental factors and iv) Human factors
12. Define managerial economics
13. What is demand forecast?
14. State four determinants of demand
15. Define production function.
16. How do you estimate cost?
17. List out the various pricing methods.
18. What are determinants of price?
19. What is key concept of cash flow?
20. Name any two methods of evolving investment decision.
Answer All Questions: (6X10 = 60 Marks)
21. Explain the scope and Significance of Economics to Engineers.
22. What are the factors that determine the elasticity of supply?
23. Classify the different types of costs with an example for each.
24. What are the features of perfect competition? And also explain how price is
determined in perfect competition?
25. Differentiate between Balance Sheet and Funds Flow Statement.
26. What are the different Pricing Methods used in Practice?
27. (i) Briefly explain the basic tools in managerial economics
(ii) Discuss the various theoretical concepts in managerial decisions.
28. (a) Explain the various methods of demand forecasting with merits and
(b) (i) Explain the meaning of elasticity.
29. What are the methods to measure the elasticity of demand? Explain them.
30. Explain the cost-output relationship.
31. Differentiate the concepts in accounting cost and economic cost.
32. What is meant by statistical production function?
33. Discuss the different managerial uses of production function.
34. Briefly discuss pricing under different market conditions.
35. Explain the different methods of pricing.
36. Discuss some of the modern methods of investment evaluation with their
merits and demerits.
37. Explain the purpose of preparing balance sheet and list out important
details furnished in a balance sheet of company.
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