Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mobile Communication IT2402 Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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Mobile Communication IT2402 
Common To VII Sem IT
Unit I-V
1.     Write a detailed note on cellular wireless networks
2.     What is CDMA? Explain FDMA, TDMA and CDMA
3.     Consider three users and Barker code of six bits each for the users transmitting the signals, introduce noise and near/far problem while transmitting and reconstruct the data in the receiving side providing the proper countermeasures for the complications
4.     Explain in detail about (i) MAC (ii) SDMA
5.     Explain in detail about IEEE 802.16 architecture and services
6.     Explain in detail about MANET
7.      Explain MAC sub layers defined by IEEE 802.11 standard in detail
8.     With the neat diagram of the technique used in WLL systems and propagation considerations for WLL
9.     Explain the functional architecture of GSM System
10.Explain the GSM location update procedures
11. Briefly explain the procedures of GPRS
12.What is GPRS? Explain in detail
13. Explain the goals, assumptions and requirements of mobile IP?
14.Explain (i)Indirect TCP  (ii) Snooping TCP
15. Explain in detail about DSDV
16.Discuss about tunneling and encapsulation mechanism and reverse tunnelling
17. Explain WAP model and WAP gateway in detail
18.Explain the parameters of transactions and session protocols?
19.Explain in detail about mobile location based services
20.            Explain in detail about WML  and WML SCRIPTS