Object oriented Programming CS2203 Important Questions - AU,Nov/Dec 2012

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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Object oriented Programming CS2203
Unit I-V
1.     Explain in detail about the Basic Concepts of object oriented programming.
2.     What is function overloading? Explain briefly with program.
3.     What is friend function? What is the use of using friend functions in c++? Explain with a program.
4.     Write a program to demonstrate how a static data is accessed by a static member function.
5.     Explain about Unary Operator and Binary Operator Overloading with program.
6.     Explain in detail about Various Types Of Constructors
7.      With an example explain about operator overloading through friend functions.
8.     What are the different forms of inheritance supported in c++? Discuss on the visibility of base class members in privately and publicly inherited classes.
9.     Explain the try,throw,catch paradigm with all possible blocks
10.What are the virtual functions? Explain their needs using a suitable example. What are the rules associated with virtual functions?
11. Write briefly about dynamic casting with example
12.Discuss about Run Time Type Information.
13. Write notes on Typing conversions and derived class with program.(all 4)
14.Explain in detail about standard template library
15. Write notes on Formatted and Unformatted Console I/O Operations.
16.Explain in detail about the facilities available for substring operations on the string object?