Operating Systems CS2411 Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions - Anna University,Chennai

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
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Operating Systems CS2411
Unit I-V
1.     Explain in detail about Operating System Structures.
2.     Explain the Types of System Calls in detail.
3.     Explain about inter process communication.
4.     Explain in detail about virtual machines.
5.     What is meant by a process? Explain states of process with neat sketch and discuss the process state transition with a neat diagram
6.     Explain briefly any four CPU scheduling algorithms with examples.(Problem + Theory)
7.      Explain Banker’s deadlock-avoidance algorithm with an illustration.
8.     Give a detailed description about deadlocks and its  characterization.
9.     Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary semaphores.
10.Explain about the techniques for structuring the page table.
11. Explain the various page replacement strategies.(With example)
12.Discuss about Swapping b) Paging c) Segmentation d) TLB hit/miss
13.Explain various file allocation methods and free space management with neat diagram.
14. What are the directory implementation techniques available? Explain in detail.
15.Explain the various directory structure in detail.
16. Explain the various disk scheduling techniques
17.What is meant by RAID levels? Which level is used for what purpose?
18.Write in detail about the kernel I/O subsystem and I/O hardware.
19.Write notes about disk management.