Digital Image Processing EC2029 Important Questions For Anna Univ Nov/Dec 2012 Exams

Anna University,Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Digital Image Processing EC2029
1.     Explain RGB and HSI color models
2.     Explain the components of image processing system
3.     Write a detailed note on DCT
4.     Describe, how the continuous image can be converted into digital image using suitable technique
5.     Explain the various noise distributions in image enhancements
6.     Write a detailed note on directional smoothing and median filtering
7.      Explain the details about histogram equalization and its specifications
8.     Discuss in details the significance of homomorphism filtering in image enhancements
9.     Explain the removal of BLUR caused by uniform linear motion
10.Explain WIENER filter
11. Explain the algebraic approach to restoration
12.Explain the inverse filtering
13. Explain condition of region based growing, splitting and merging ?
14.Explain edge linkage by Hough transform and thersholding of images
15. Briefly give the details of watersheds and its concept, algorithm
16.Explain the region oriented segmentation techniques
17. Give the details about Huffman coding ,run length coding, arithmetic coding,transform coding
18.explain the image compression models in detail with neat diagram
19.Explain MPEG format and compare with JPEG
20.    Explain ARITHMETIC coding with an example