EC2304/Microprocessors & Microcontrollers Anna Univ,Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EC2304/Microprocessors & Microcontrollers
Unit I-V
1.     Explain the 8085 the generation of dedicated address and data bus signals from multiplexed address/data bus
2.     Explain the  8086  interrupt types in detail
3.     Explain the internal hardware architecture of 8086 microprocessor with neat diagram
4.     Briefly  explain the concept  of DMA
5.     Explain the relative addressing  mode and  string addressing  mode  with its syntax in 8086
6.     Explain the data transfer group  and logical group of 8086 instructions
7.      Explain  the  few  assembler  directives  with  suitable examples
8.     What are the instruction set of 8086 ? Explain each briefly
9.     Write neat block diagram explain the 8279 keyboard display  controller and  its software   commands
10.Explain the interfacing of any 8 bit A/D converter with a 8086 microprocessor. Also write a necessary assembly language program for conversion
11. Write neat block diagram explain the 8255 Programmable peripheral  interface and its operating modes
12.Explain the memory  organization of 8051 microcontroller 
13. Explain the program control transfer  instructions in 8051
14.Explain the  serial port operation  of 8051 microcontroller
15. Explain the timer  operation of  8051
16.Draw and explain the  washing machine control with  8051 microcontroller. And also write   an  ALP  for  control
17. Draw  and explain the block diagram of traffic light control system with program
18.Draw and explain the diagram to interface a stepper motor with a 8051 microcontroller. Also  write  an  ALP to run the stepper motor in both forward and reverse direction with delay
19.Draw and explain the  washing machine control with  8051 microcontroller. And also write   an  ALP  for  control