Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
Unit I-V

1.     Draw the block diagram of low level AM transmitter and explain
2.     Derive an expression for amplitude modulated wave and its power relations. Also give time and frequency domain representation
3.     Explain super heterodyne receiver with suitable block diagram
4.     Describe the operation of frequency division multiplexing
5.     Explain the principle of indirect method of frequency modulation With neat sketch
6.     Describe pulse code modulation scheme and draw the wave forms
7.      Explain the working of QAM modulator and detector with the signal constellation diagram
8.     Draw the block diagram of BPSK transmitter and receiver. Explain the same digital modulation scheme with appropriate constellation diagram
9.     Draw the block diagram of a TDM system and explain where TDM is applied
10.Explain delta modulation with suitable wave forms and list its advantages and disadvantages
11. How do you generate PPM from PDM?         
12. Explain the working of FSK modulator and detector with the signal constellation diagram
13. Explain the generation and demodulation of PWM wave.
14.Five source messages are probable to appear as m1=0.4, m2=0.15, m3=0.15, m4=0.15, m5=0.15 . Find the coding efficiency for 1. Shannon Fano coding, 2. Huffmann Coding
15. Explain Frequency Hop Spread spectrum and the two types in detail
16.Draw the block diagram of a TDM system and explain where is TDM applied
17. Explain CDMA. Compare FDMA, TDMA and CDMA 
18 What are the essential components required for establishing an optical link.What are the various losses associated with it?
19 What are the benefits of satellite communication? How is the position of satellite tracked from the earth station? Derive the satellite link equations and comment on it
20 Explain the principle of operation of light sources and detectors.