Important Question In Optical Communication And Networking EC2402 For Nov/Dec 2012 Anna University Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Optical Communication And Networking EC2402
Unit I-V
1.     Discuss the mode theory of circular waveguide
2.     Discuss the propagation modes in single -mode fiber
3.     What are the fiber modes? Explain mode theory for optical fibers in detail
4.     Compare Single mode fibers and Graded index fibers. Explain the requirements for fiber materials
5.     Explain various types of fiber splicing techniques and fiber connectors
6.     Discuss various kinds of losses that an optical signal might suffer while propagating through fiber, Which is most important one? What is the effect of these losses on light power and pulse shape
7.      Derive an expression for material dispersion
8.     Discuss the signal distortion in single mode fibers
9.     Discuss the LASER diode principle , modes and threshold conditions
10.Derive the internal quantum efficiency of an LED.
11. Describe the characteristic of responsivity against wavelength for an ideal silicon photodiode with the help of its expression
12.Derive the internal quantum efficiency and shows the variation in threshold current with temperature for ILD
13. Draw and explain the operation of high impedance FET and BJT preamplifiers
14.Explain the error sources of fundamental receiver operations. Discuss the performance of digital receiver by defining the probability of error
15. Explain the following i) Fiber attenuation measurements, ii) Fiber cutoff wavelength measurements
16.Explain fiber diameter and numerical aperture measurements
17. Explain the basic frame structure and network architecture of SONET
18.Explain the salient feature of solitions using relevant expressions and diagrams
19.Explain the Ultra high capacity WDM systems and discuss the system performance of WDM and EDFA