Important Questions In GE2022 Total Quality Management For Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
GE2022 Total Quality Management 
Unit I-V
1.     Describe the six basic concepts of TQM and the various dimensions of quality
2.     Discuss the Deming’s philosophy for TQM
3.     Explain in detail about 14 points of Deming philosophy
4.     Briefly explain quality planning with respect to Juran Triology
5.     Discuss about Maslow’s need hierarchy theory & Herzberg’s two factor theory for motivation.
6.     Discuss about the supplier partnership procedures
7.      What are the different ways of receiving customer feedback? How are the feedback used?
8.     Explain the different approaches towards Continuous Process Improvement
9.     Explain Seven new Management tools in detail
10.Explain the Benchmarking process in detail
11. Explain about the new seven tools of quality and its application in detail
12.Explain in detail about six sigma
13. Discuss FMEA with objectives, process, outcome and benefits.
14.Explain the concept of Taguchi's quality loss function in detail. Give an example
15. Discuss in detail about  cost of quality 
16.Explain about quality system auditing?
17. Explain about the philosophy and the requirements of ISO 9000 : 2000
18.Discuss ISO 14000 requirements and its benefits in detail
19.Discuss the implementation of TQM with a case study