Important Questions In GE2025 Professional Ethics in Engineering For Nov/Dec 2012 AU Exams

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
GE2025 – Professional Ethics in Engineering
Unit I-V
1.     Explain the contributions of Kohlberg in the theory of Moral Development and explain how it differs from Gilligan’s theory
2.     Name and describe the theories of right action
3.     Define work ethic. State the explain Kant’s and Rawls’s view of work ethics
4.     Give an example of an ethical dilemma connected to your own profession, apply any two ethical theories to that and discuss if the right action arrived at is similar with both the theories
5.     How can an engineer become a responsible experimenter?
6.     What is the importance of codes of ethics? Explain in brief
7.      Highlight the code of ethics for engineers
8.     How can an engineer become a responsible experimenter?
9.     Explain in detail the effect of information on risk assessment with an example
10.“A nuclear accident anywhere is a nuclear accident everywhere”. Explain
11. Discuss on safety. Explain what safety measures are to be taken by an engineer working in a deep ground mine
12.Describe the concept of Risk-Benefit Analysis
13. What is the importance of loyalty and collegiality in teamwork?
14.Discuss in detail about the “Employee Rights”.
15. List and explain the features of Whistle-Blowing that characterize the cases with an example
16.Explain the issues related to computer ethics and internet with your personal experience
17. Discuss an engineer’s involvement in weapons work
18.Discuss in detail about technology transfer and appropriate technology
19.Is there any relationship among Engineering, Ecology and Economics? Discuss