Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Network Programming and Management IT2351 Important Questions - nov/dec 2012 exams anna univ

Anna University,Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
Network Programming and Management IT2351
1.     Explain select and Poll Function in detail.
2.     Explain in detail about TCP/IP protocols for Internetworking and Management
3.     Create a TCP socket for acting as a multiple server and echoing the information from the    client.
4.     write notes on Iterative Server and Concurrent Server Operation
5.     Describe about the different socket option for internet operation and control
6.     Discuss IPv6 support in DNS
7.      Explain the purpose and usage of UDP socket and their different functions.
8.     Explain DNS in Detail
9.     Explain Trace route program with sample code and example
10.Explain how a TCP echo server using threads is created and also give their advantages
11. Elaborate about raw socket creation, input and output
12.Write a Short note on mutexes and Condition variables
13. Explain the syntax of the various SNMPv1 message format
14.Explain Ipv4 and Ipv6 interoperability in details
15. Explain Network monitoring in detail.
16.Explain the architecture of SNMPv3 with neat diagram
17. Compare SNMPv2 And SNMPv3. 
18.Explain the architecture of SNMP entity and traditional SNMP manager as specified in RFC2271
19.What is meant by trap-directed polling? Discuss