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Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Unit I-V
These are only important Questions it may or may not be asked for UE

1.       With a neat block diagram explain the integration of different avionics system
2.      Describe the various illities’ in Avionics systems
3.       Explain the need of avionics in Civil and military aircrafts.
4.      Explain the various layers of Avionics systems used in a typical airplane with a neat sketch.
5.      With a neat sketch explain 8085 microprocessor architecture in detail
6.      Explain the ARINC 429 and ARINC 629 data bus in detail.
7.       Explain the interference of seven segment LED with the microprocessor to display a binary data
8.      Compare the memory mapped I/O and peripheral mapped I/O in Microprocessor
9.      Draw the functional representation of ROM memory cell and explain the concept underlying the ROM
10.   Explain MIL STD 1553 B data bus in detail bring out clearly the bus architecture, protocol, word ad message formats and coupling methods
11.   List the evolution of avionics architecture starting from first generation to fourth generation
12.   Compare and contrast the display technologies CRT,LED,LCD,EL and plasma panel
13.   What are the various types of CRTs used in civil and military aircraft and explain them in detail.
14.   Explain MFKs, HMD, HUD and HDD in detail.
15.   Describe voice recognition & speech synthesis technology.
16.   What is GPS and explain the working of it with codes of communication used for locating the object
17.   What is FBW explain its salient features with the block diagram in comparison with the conventional flight control system
18.   What is Dead reckoning navigation system and explain any one type in detail
19.   Explain one of the most modern reliable communication systems used in aircraft with a block schematic

CS2301/ Software Engineering Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
CS2301/ Software Engineering
Unit I-V

1.      Explain the following: (i) waterfall model (ii) Spiral model (iii) RAD model (iv) Prototyping model
2.      Elaborate on Business Process Engineering and Product Engineering
3.      Explain the linear software life cycle model with neat diagram
4.      Explain in detail about system engineering hierarchy in detail with neat diagram
5.      Explain with example diagram the functional and behavioral modeling. How do we model the software’s reaction to some external event?
6.     Explain the requirement engineering tasks in detail with neat diagram?
7.      What is prototyping? Explain how the prototyping is used for requirements validation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of prototyping?
8.     Explain in detail the various steps applied to develop complete and accurate models using structured analysis
9.     Explain the core activities involved in user interface design process with necessary block diagram
10.  What are the different classification of architectural styles with respect to software and discuss each style in detail
11.  What are the characteristics of good design? Describe different types of coupling and cohesion. How design evaluation is performed?
12.  Explain the design steps of Transform mapping and transaction mapping?(
13.  Explain about System testing and boundary value analysis testing ?
14.   Explain the integration testing. What are the steps for top-down integration and bottom-up integration? Compare and contrast top-down and bottom-up integration testing?
15.  Describe the testing objectives and principles?
16. What is the necessity of unit testing? Write down all unit test considerations?
17.  Explain the CASE repository function in detail?
18. Explain COCOMO Model?
19. What is the need for software maintenance and maintenance report?
20.  Explain the various method encountered in cost estimation?

EC2401/Wireless Communication Anna University Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EC2401 – Wireless Communication
Unit I-V

1.       Define Multiple Access. Explain the types of MA techniques used in Wireless communication system
2.   Explain in detail about the types and requirements of services used in
     wireless systems
3.       Explain in detail about noise and interference limited system
4.   Explain how frequency reusing is achieved in cellular systems and also explain the various methods for improving the capacity of a cellular system
5.   Explain the various propagation mechanisms adopted in wireless   communication channels
6.   Explain in detail about the channel classification adopted in wireless propagation channels
7.    What are wide band models, explain the significance of each model
8.   Describe any two methods of diffraction by multiple screens and explain in detail about free space path loss and derive the gain expression
9.      Explain the structure of a wireless communication link with a neat block diagram.
10.   Bring out the salient features of the GMSK modulation scheme. Explain the
GMSK transmitter and receiver implementation with suitable diagram.
11.Explain the principle, operation, signals, constellation diagram, transmitter and receiver of MSK system.
12.   Explain the generation, detection, signal space diagram, bit error probability and
power spectra of QPSK
13.Explain the principle of diversity and explain the different diversity techniques
14.   Explain the following codes in detail. (i) block code. (ii)  convolutional code. (iii) turbo codes
15.   Explain the linear and non linear equalizers along with the differences
16.   Explain in detail about the stochastic models for speech
17.   Explain  Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) and compare its performance with TDMA
18.   Discuss the features and services of GSM and Explain the GSM system architecture  with neat sketch
19.   Explain OFDM concept in detail and also explain the implementation of transceivers in OFDM system
20.  Explain forward & reverse channel parameters of IS-95 CDMA.

EE2401/Power System Operation and Control Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions - Anna University,Chennai ,version -3

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
EE2401/Power System Operation and Control
Unit I-V

1.       Explain the overview of power system control using neat block diagram.
2.      A generator station supplies the following loads connected to it
Industries                                          92MW
Domestic lighting load             8MW
Domestic power load                                9MW
Commercial load                          11MW
The maximum demand on the station is 90MW.Calculate the load factor and diversity factor if the total numbers of units generated in a year are 3×10
3.       Explain in detail on plant level control.
4.      Explain in detail on System level control and various load scheduling and its types
5.      Explain in detail about two area load frequency control system and explain the uncontrolled static analysis and Draw the block diagram
6.      Explain the static and dynamic response of single area system
7.       What are the components of speed governor system of an alternator? Derive its transfer function with an aid of a block diagram
8.      Illustrate the block diagram model of two area LFC system and obtain its static response.
9.      Explain static and dynamic analysis of AVR and explain stability compensation.
10.   With neat sketch explain the block diagram model of exciter system
11.   Discuss in detail about the generation and absorption of reactive power
12.   Derive the relation between voltage, power and reactive power at a node for applications in a power system control
13.   What is unit commitment problem? Discuss its constraints
14.   Explain the priority list method using suitable numerical example
15.   Explain in detail about forward dynamic programming method with suitable diagram
16.   Look into problem related to finding the optimal dispatch (UNIT IV)
17.   Explain the various states of the system and control actions to be taken to make the system secure. Draw the power system state transition diagram with neat sketch
18.   With a neat block diagram explain SCADA and Security analysis and control in detail
19.   Briefly discuss the various functions of energy control centre
20.  Explain the operating states of a power system in the security perspective with an example

CS2401 Computer Graphics Nov/Dec 2012 Anna University,Chennai important Questions Version-3

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
CS2401 – Computer Graphics
Common To VII Sem IT/CSE
Unit I-V

1.      Explain the basic concept of Midpoint ellipse algorithm. Derive the decision parameter  for the algorithm and write down the algorithm steps
2.     Explain in detail about the Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm with example.
3.      Elaborate in detail about cohen-sutherland’s line clipping algorithm.
4.     Explain in detail about the Sutherland-Hodgeman polygon clipping algorithm.
5.      Explain in detail about 3D basic transformation and 3D object representations
6.     Discuss in detail about the various visible surface detection methods
7.      Explain 3D viewing with an example.
8.     Explain RGB, CMY, YIQ and HSV color models
9.     What is OPENGL? What are the commands to represent various primitives in OPENGL?
10. Discuss about the methods for drawing  3D objects and scenes
11.  What is shading? Explain the various shading models in detail
12. Explain in detail How do you create shaded objects and draw shadows
13.  Discuss in detail about the various mapping
14. Explain in detail about (i) Peano Curves (ii).Mnadelbrot sets.(iii).Random fractals (iv) Julia  sets.
15.  Explain in detail about reflection, transparency, Ray tracing?