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Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
Common To VII Sem EEE
Unit I-V

1.     What is neutral grounding? And explain the types of grounding with their  phase diagrams
2.     Discuss the basic requirements of protective systems
3.     .Explain briefly the types of faults in a power system  
4.     Explain Neutral grounding in detail 
5.     Discuss the procedure for computation of fault currents in power systems when a double line to    ground fault occurs
6.     Explain the operating principle and characteristics of impedance relay
7.      Draw and explain the operating principle of non-directional over current relay or earth leakage (induction type) relay
8.     Explain differential relay and its types in detail
9.     Describe the operating principle of an attracted armature type relay
10.Explain Merz price voltage balance system and translay  scheme for line protection
11. What is biased differential protection? Explain how it can be used to protect  an alternator against stator faults
12.Explain the distance protection of transmission line
13. Explain the pilot wire relaying schemes for protection of transmission lines
14.Define the term restriking voltage. Derive an expression for that and explain the effects of this on the operation of circuit breaker under fault condition
15. Explain the phenomenon current chopping and capacitive current breaking with diagrams and waveforms
16.Define resistance switching and derive the expression for it
17. Explain the various tests conducted on circuit breakers
18.Explain the working principle of SF6 circuit breakers with its diagram
19.Explain the construction and working principle of Air blast circuit breakers.
20.                        Explain with a neat sketch, the construction and working of minimum oil circuit breaker

IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions Anna University Chennai

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations Important Questions
IT2352 Cryptography and Network Security
Unit I-V
1.Explain the OSI security architecture along with the services available.
2.Explain in detail about different types of Substitution Techniques.
3.Discuss the classical cryptosystems and its types.
4. Describe Euler’s and Chinese Remainder theorem.
5.Describe the block cipher modes of operation in details.
6. Explain about the key Generation, Encryption & Decryption of DES algorithm in detail.
7. Explain in detail about DES, Triple & Double DES ?
8. Explain in detail about RSA algorithm perform encryption / decryption using RSA.
9.Write a detailed note on Digital Signatures.
10.Illustrate about the SHA algorithm in detail.
11. Explain MD5 algorithm for generating Meddage digest With neat diagram.
12.Look For Diffie Hellman key exchange technique related problem.
13.Describe the SSl Architecture in detail.
14.List out the participants of SET system, and explain in detail.
15.Explain X.509 authentication service and its certificates.
16.Explain the services of PGP and function provided by S/MIME
17.Write in detail about Firewall
18.What is called a virus explain the different types of viruses in detail.
19. Explain the types of Intrusion Detection systems.
20.Explain in detail about Password management Schemes with neat diagram.