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Operating Systems CS2411 Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions - Anna University,Chennai

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
Operating Systems CS2411
Unit I-V
1.     Explain in detail about Operating System Structures.
2.     Explain the Types of System Calls in detail.
3.     Explain about inter process communication.
4.     Explain in detail about virtual machines.
5.     What is meant by a process? Explain states of process with neat sketch and discuss the process state transition with a neat diagram
6.     Explain briefly any four CPU scheduling algorithms with examples.(Problem + Theory)
7.      Explain Banker’s deadlock-avoidance algorithm with an illustration.
8.     Give a detailed description about deadlocks and its  characterization.
9.     Explain what semaphores are, their usage, implementation given to avoid busy waiting and binary semaphores.
10.Explain about the techniques for structuring the page table.
11. Explain the various page replacement strategies.(With example)
12.Discuss about Swapping b) Paging c) Segmentation d) TLB hit/miss
13.Explain various file allocation methods and free space management with neat diagram.
14. What are the directory implementation techniques available? Explain in detail.
15.Explain the various directory structure in detail.
16. Explain the various disk scheduling techniques
17.What is meant by RAID levels? Which level is used for what purpose?
18.Write in detail about the kernel I/O subsystem and I/O hardware.
19.Write notes about disk management.


IT2401/Service Oriented Architecture Important Questions For Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
IT2401. Service Oriented Architecture
Unit I-V
1.     What are the common principles of service-orientation explain in detail?
2.     Discus about SOA Vs Distributed internet Architecture?
3.     Explain the following terms: i) Service contract ii) Service composability iii) Service discoverability iv) Service autonomy?
4.     Discuss about anatomy of a service-oriented architecture?
5.     Discuss about three service layers in detail.
6.     Briefly explain about Choreography and its types?
7.      Explain in detail about Atomic transactions and its types 
8.     Briefly discuss about Service layer abstraction and application service layer?
9.     Explain in detail about WSDL language basics and its elements?
10.What are the elements supported by SOAP Language basics?      
11. Compare WSDL-related XML schema language basics?
12.Explain in detail about SOA platform basics?
13. What is the way the SOA support in J2EE and .NET Give suitable example
14.Briefly explain about WS-BPEL language basis with give an example?
15. Discuss about WS-Security language basis?
16.Discuss in detail about WS – Policy          

Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice CE2203 Anna Univ Nov/Dec 2012 Important Questions

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
Construction Techniques, Equipment and Practice CE2203
Unit I-V
1.     Write the step by step procedure for BIS mix design.
2.     What are the different types of curing of concrete explain detailed?
3.     What is mix design? Explain the ACI method of mix design.
4.     Explain the manufacturing of cement with neat sketches and flow chart?
5.     Explain the various types of flooring with neat sketches
6.     Explain the various types of stone masonry with neat sketches.
7.      Write notes on acoustic of the building?
8.     Make a comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry?
9.     Write notes on Dewatering and stand by plant equipment for underground open excavation?
10.Write the operation procedure for caissons.
11. Explain the various types of sheet piles?
12.Explain in detail about the structure of heavy equipment’s  and conveyers
13. Write detailed notes on erecting light weight components on tall structure?
14.Explain the types of bridge decks with sketch?
15. Explain in detail about different types of  cranes in detail
16.Explain the pile driving in detail
17. Explain the equipment used for tunnelling
18.Explain in detail about different compactors in detail
19.Explain different methods of dredging techniques with diagram

EE2203 Electronic Devices and Circuits Rejinpaul.com Important Questions for Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations

Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
EE2203 - Electronic Devices and Circuits
Unit I-V
1.     explain the working of a PN junction forward bias and reverse bias in detail
2.     Draw its VI characteristics and explain the operation of zener diode and define zener breakdown.
3.     Define regulator. Explain the operation of any one type of regulator
4.     With a neat sketch, explain the operation of CLC filter
5.     Explain how the hybrid parameters hfe , hoe, hie, hre can be determined from the CE characteristics of a transistor
6.     Draw the input and output characteristics of N-P-N transistor in common base configuration and explain it. How the different hybrid parameters are found out from the above characteristics
7.      Draw and explain input and output characteristics of common emitter configuration of a transistor
8.     Write short note on voltage gain and current gain expressions for CB configuration using transistor hybrid model
9.     Explain in detail about the construction and operation of JFET.
10.Explain the working principle and characteristics of Depletion N-MOSFET under depletion mode and enhancement mode in detail
11. Write short note on FET as Voltage Variable resistor
12.explain the operation of Colpitts oscillator with neat diagram
13. Draw the circuit diagram of a phase shift oscillator using BJT. Derive the expression for its frequency of oscillation. Determine the minimum hfe for the transistor
14.Briefly discuss the effect of negative feedback on band width and stability of an amplifier
15. explain the operation of Schmitt trigger using two transistor for a sinusoidal input with circuit diagram and waveform
16.Explain in detail about collector coupled astable multivibrator and its operation with relevant operation.
17. Explain the operation of UJT saw tooth oscillator
18.Explain how RC circuits are used as integrator and differentiator. Sketch the output waveform for the square input


Anna University, Chennai Nov/Dec 2012 Examinations
Rejinpaul.com Important Questions
Unit I-V
1.     Derive the stability factor for voltage divider bias
2.     Describe how DC and AC load lines are drawn
3.     What is meant by bias stability what are the factors affect the bias stability
4.     Explain briefly about compensation technique
5.     Discuss the operation of Differential amplifier
6.     Analyze the small signal transistor amplifier in term of h parameter
7.      Draw the hybrid model of CE configuration obtain its gain, input impedance compare the performance of this amplifier with CC&CB configuration
8.     With small equivalent circuit of emitter follower  derive its input impedance, Av , and output impedance
9.     Draw the small signal model of FET  and  analyze source follower
10.Analyze Darlington type input impedance increasing method
11. Derive the Expression for Ai, Av, Ri, and Ro for CE amplifier using  h parameter model
12.Explain the methods to improve the CMRR    
13. Draw and explain class B push-pull power amplifier
14.Explain briefly about Total Harmonic distortion
15. Explain the power control method using SCR
16.Prove that maximum efficiency of class B power amplifier is 78.50%
17. Explian the working principle of class D amplifier what is its efficiency
18.Draw the block diagram of SMPS what are its advantage
19.Draw .the Hybrid (pie)  model of transistor and derive the various parameters
20. Describe the working principle of full wave rectifier and derive the expression  for the ripple factor ,rectifier efficiency,Vdc,Idc,Vrms,Irms?