Anna University Question papers Microprocessor and Microcontrollers May / June Question paper 2013

Anna University Question papers Microprocessor and Microcontrollers May / June 2012 Question paper 2012 - 2013  

PART A-(10*2=20) 

1 .If the crystal oscillator frequency is 5M H Z , calculate the time period to execute the instruction  STA4200 in 8085 processor.. 
2.what is the function of PCHL instruction? 
3.State the function of DSR and DTR pins in 8251 ? 
4.what are the different operating modes of 8253 timer? 
5.what physical address is represented by 4370H:5671H and 9A65H:0599H 
6.Illustrate the operation of the following instructions in 8086 processor. 
(a) DAA. 
(B) CBW. 
7 .list the addressing modes of 8051 . 
8.what is the function of PORT 3 In8051 micro controller? 
9.what is the resolution of 10 bit ASDC? 
10.mention any two applications of stepper motor control. 

PART A-(5*16=80 marks) 

1 1 .(a)(i) name and explain the different addressing modes used in 8085 with suitable examples.(8) 
(ii) write an 8085 assembly language program to evaluate the expression w=x2+y 2+z2.(8) 
(B)(i) Draw the timing diagram for the instruction IN82h of 8085 processor.(8) 
(ii)explain the hardware interrupts of 8085 processor.(8) 
1 2.(a)with neat functional block diagram , explain the features of 8255 program m able peripheral  interface and its programming modes.(1 6) 
(b) design a circuit to interface 8251 USART with 8085 processor to handle serial data transfer operations.(16) 
1 3.(a)(i) what are the flags available in 8086 processor? Explain their functions.(8) 
(ii)explain the instructions supporting string operations in 8086 m microprocessor. 
write an ALP to move a block of data starting from memory location X to memory location starting 
from Y.(8) 
(b)(i)draw the pin diagram of 8086 CPU and explain the functions of the pins in minimum and maximum mode of operation of 8086. (10) 
(ii)describe the circuit suitable for generation of multiple wait states for 8086 CPU module.(6) 
1 4. (a)explain the architecture of 8051 micro controller with neat block diagram .(16) 
(b)(i)draw the circuit to interface 8K RAM with 8051 externally .explain the circuit.(8) 
(ii)explain the timer operation in 8051 micro controller with necessary diagram s.(8) 
1 5. (a)An industrial monitoring system requires monitoring nine different parameters and actuating  three different tasks, three parameters per task.use interrupt structure .provide suitable input and output devices for accessing the system . design an 8051 micro controller based system for this 
application and explain. (16) 
(b)draw the circuit to interface a DC motor to 8051 micro controller  write an 8051 assembly language program to control the speed of the motor.explain the circuit and algorithm . (16) 

Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Anna University Question papers  May / June 2012 Question paper