First Semester Result Anna University On March 2013

Anna University January 2013 Results Analysis
Anna University First Semester Results 2013

Anna University Examination Happened as per the schedule between 19th Jan – 31st Jan 2013, now the Result Processing Work is in progress, Report (Unofficial) From Anna University Reveals that this time result are too bad for mathematics-I Paper

Over half of First-year Anna University Affiliated College students have failed in the mathematics-I paper in their First semester Across Tamilnadu. This Show that the students have not performed well in the examination, Maths Got least results when compared to other subjects over first semester Exam

Earlier on 19th Jan 2013 students reported that mathematics I question paper were asked in a different way (twisted), this may be the reason for poor results – S. Ramesh, Faculty Private Engineering College 

 “Engineering mathematics has to do with application. Most students are not ready for that because they way they approach mathematics in school is very text-book oriented. That does not work in college,” he said. “Students seldom take an interest in mathematics. Few go to the library, borrow books and try out sums on their own. For most, it is a subject to be done away with as soon as possible,” - Earlier Report added By Hindu

This Time Fundamental of computing and programming got better results when compared to previous Semester examination Results, So Students No Need To Worry About FOCP Results 

For Engineering Graphics as We Previously reported that most of the question were out of syllabus, that added advantage to the students, so there is no problem with EG results, and result are good

So, No Problem about other subject like physics, Chemistry, English Mostly these results will be good every time though the students where familiar with those subject concepts in the higher school , results sounds good for those subjects in January 2013 examination 


 “Students from school are so used to learning lessons by rote that colleges have to employ those methods to get results,” he said.

Teachers in most colleges say many of their students have failed in mathematics. “We had about 380 students writing the exam, and 320 have failed. However, we have applied for a re-evaluation of our results,” We have also filed for re checking,” said the principal of a city-based college.